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Meet StoryTech

StoryTech merges reading and technology to deliver the first immersive reading experience of its kind. Go beyond the pages and bring the story to life right in your living room. 

Meet Hue

Hue is young, curious, and ready for adventure. In the World of Hue series, Hue sets off for a new city to explore in each edition. Along the way, he makes all kinds of friends, discovers beautiful sites, try delicious foods, and learn local phrases. Follow Hue to learn and explore the world.

How it works

Rio, Beijing, Mexico City and
Angola. Discover new cultures.

Go beyond the pages

Keep learning together

How it works

A story about a new culture

magic at your fingertips,
instigate curiosity

Keep playing and learning

Start your journey in Rio

We invite you to be part of our mission and dive into the World of Hue
as he gets to know new cities, makes unique friends and develops new
cultural values from all around this beautiful earth!

What is Augmented Reality (AR)?

O que é AR?

Aqui podemos explicar o que é rapidamente como uma legenda
de apoio para o vídeo. Instale a versão demo do app e fique sabendo do lançamento antes
de todo mundo!

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