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Fully immerse into different cultures with WOH books, games, and activities that teach cultural values, languages, traditions, and more.

Meet Hue

Hue is young, curious, and ready for adventure. In the World of Hue series, Hue sets off to a new city to explore in each edition. Along the way, he makes all kinds of friends, discovers beautiful lands, delicious foods, and learns local phrases.

Follow Hue to learn and explore the world.

Why does it matter?

Hue is powered by Storytech

StoryTech merges physical books and technology to deliver the first immersive reading experience of its kind. Using augmented reality, World of Hue goes beyond the pages and brings the story to life right in your living room.

What’s AR?

Augmented reality technology uses a device’s camera to project 3D objects into the real world. Readers can virtually activate characters, explore famous monuments and lands and dive into cultural celebrations to learn about those cultures, making the foreign and unknown tangible and more fun to explore.

Why parents and kids love Hue

  • Books as engaging as games
  • Screen time that is fun and parent endorsed
  • Turning playtime into a cultural adventure
  • Fun activities and games to keep exploring

Why parents and kids love Hue

We invite you to be part of our mission and dive into the World of Hue as he gets to know new cities, makes unique friends and develops new cultural values from all around this beautiful earth!

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